I stopped to stare at the boy by the beach

His eyes looked out with a silent reach

The waves ebbed and flowed like his history

But his smile stretched wide to his own decree

He removed his shoes with the utmost care

With holes in his socks, wearing thin and bare

I wondered how torn down he felt by life

If he lived day by day in a modern strife

When he pulled from his pocket a clump of knowledge

In the form of wrinkled papers, which made me acknowledge

That he held in his hands a poor boy’s riches

And nothing can break him, not even life’s glitches.


With loving energy,



I dream and dream,

Of only one team.

No divisions, no space,

But the human race.

Together as one,

Under the sun.

Sharing earth,

In all her mirth.

Let’s look through the eye,

That doesn’t lie.

The same eye that sleuths,

The buried truths.

Let’s dismay the orders,

To see nation borders.

They’ll say “that’s extreme!”

“An idealistic dream!”

To that say, “Well maybe..

Just maybe I’m crazy.

Crazy enough to believe,

That dreams can be achieved.”


With loving energy,



Nature cries, “Bloody murder!”

As mankind suffers an ego disorder,

I cry & cry where’s your anger?

As tumors grow with earthly cancer,

Where’s the fire in your heart,

As mother earth falls apart?

You swallow pills that numb the mind,

Choosing the life of the blind,

Choosing death over life,

Being told we’re powerless,

Might as well as be voiceless,

Rise, up rise up!

And fill your cup,

Pour self-love,

And rise above,

The greed and hate to mother earth,

As she is you and you are her.


With loving energy,



I stretch my limbs & exert my force,

The system tries to keep me on course,

I break these walls, I break these chains,

I emerge from this box & your emotional pains,

If spiritual freedom has taught me one thing,

To reality shows they’ll have you cling,

But what is so real behind false shots,

When you doubt yourself lots & lots,

Don’t you see its all part of the plan?

To reject yourself, is to be a madman.

Those who have lost the power to change,

Have been stripped of self-love & rearranged,

Into a bolt or into a screw,

Or maybe into the sticking glue,

That builds the machine,

That destroys & demeans,

Forests & seas,

While killing bees.

Wake up, wake up!

Take a breath, back up,

I’m here to tell you,

That there’s a way through,

Switch off your TV, & drop the hate,

Float through life & drop the weight,

Cultivate love & regain acceptance,

Because love is the truth & our human essence.


With loving energy,



My grandmother once told me,

“A woman is like a vase.”

Haughty to the bone,

I instantly needed space.


“What do you mean?”

I asked and pulled a face.

Some nonsense about cracks,

And forever losing grace.


“Cracks are beautiful..”

My inner voice said.

Some things are meant to break,

And broken is not dead.


Dearest daughters,

Embrace your cracks.

Release your shame,

And never look back.


With loving energy,



Crooked skyline, imperfections,

The perfect place for resurrection.

Guards come down as spirits burst,

The present moment, unrehearsed.


Moon lit faces, humble talk,

Sirens wailing, down the block.

Worries sparked, one by one,

Masks come loose, we’re one on one.


Beating hearts, beating drums,

Bass beating from our lungs.

Rooftop realness at its peak,

Above the city that never sleeps.


With loving energy,



Tell me not that you support my independence,

When deep inside you fear my transcendence.

Shower me not with your phony liberal words,

For the words you utter proven wrong by your verbs.

Waste not my time with your speeches of equality,

You consider me blind as eye witness your duality.

Disinfect my energy from your inauthenticity,

Your actions drip with toxic subjectivity.

Oh my sweet boy, don’t take me for a fool,

It is centuries of womanhood that you ridicule.

Save your breath and hold your tongue,

Your actions speak louder than trivial words flung.

I live not as a woman in a “man’s world,”

This world belongs to no one, your ego unfurl.

For under my woman, lies a free soul,

Bore me not with your stiff gender role.


With loving energy,



Rebel heart, rebel heart,

Your brave spirit sets you apart.

Eye see your scars, eye see your pain,

Yet giving up is not your game.


Rebel heart, rebel heart,

You truly are a work of art.

For in a box, you will not sit,

To your soul, you must commit.


Rebel heart, why, “Rebel heart?”

Is it because you do not play the part?

Go on, be free. Let your colors burst,

Taste this life, and quench your thirst.


With loving energy,



If you don’t believe in magic,

Step outside your mind.

Through the gaps of the fabric,

Of life, to which we’re blind.


Open your eyes,

Engage your sight.

Watch the sun rise,

Bask in its light.


Lend an ear,

To chirping birds.

what more do you hear,

Without mental words.


Perhaps you’ll realize,

There’s a non-physical touch.

Like the breeze that flies,

If you don’t talk too much.


Awaken to the aromas,

That never left.

Emerge from your coma,

Your heart beats from your chest.


To quiet the chatter,

Sing a song.

The words don’t matter,

Your mantra is strong.


With loving energy,



Heal your masculinity,

As you are pure divinity.

You’re more than physical,

More than stereotypical.


When your tears dry out,

They’ll scream and shout.

“Be quiet and comply!”

But be brave and cry.


Be free from competition,

Reconnect your intuition.

Transcend your desires,

Let your spirit transpire.


With loving energy,