If you’re seeking a miracle

Look outside

Far beyond the physical

Yet deep inside

White light so visible

Once, solely implied

Stunned to be divisible

Each color, each stride

Colors never cynical

No attachments, untied

She’s purely metaphysical

Through vacuum she glides

Moreover she’s medicinal

Her everything, she provides

The warmest visual

As space-time collides

Her movement is rhythmical

Distance quantified

Our pace is pitiful

With her speed applied

Don’t be so egotistical

Just be mystified.


With loving energy,







Bruised mind,

Aching wrist.

Once combined,

Now dismissed.


Ribs cracked,

Heart exposed.

Bleeding black,

Eyes closed.


“Let it go!”

They scream and shout,

They do not know,

Myself I doubt.


Only a remainder,

Of yourself.

Now a stranger,

To myself.


As winter creeps,

Clouds can’t cast,

The truth does seep,

Transcendence, at last!


Never alone,

I’ve found my soul.

I am my own,

My heart is whole.



With loving energy,










Humdrum existence,

Far from truth.

Stars at a distance,

Our hearts, they soothe.


Raise your chin,

Celestial wonder.

The skin you’re in,

A stellar splendor.


Lens reversed,

A Universe within.

A Supernova burst,

A rebirth, begin.


Main up high,

Astronomical  sail.

Paddle through sky

And pull your brail


Astral travel,

To outer space.

Further paddle,

To inner grace.


Seek no more,

Inner oracle.

For, in your core,

You are a miracle.


With loving energy,




What if separation,

Never existed?

Only a projection,

Of the self-addicted.


You vs. me,

Brought me distance.

An Entitled flee,

More resistance.


Beneath your veil,

Under your skin.

Spirit prevail,

Look deep within.


Religion & race,

Further division.

Stitch the space,

Spiritual collision.


Shedding layers,

Differences fade.

Human flavors,

A Renegade.


Mind free,

One moon, one sun.

For you and me,

Together we’re one.


With loving energy,



Truth surfaces,

Cocoon tears.

Once purposeless,

Once theirs.


Depths of darkness,

I transcend.

Extreme catharsis,

Wings extend.


Embraced by warmth,

Caressed by love.

Could it be source,

Sent from above?


There was no distance,

Bound together.

Divine coexistence,

Within me forever.


Now I wake,

Compassion I embody.

Humanity’s ache,

Healing in my body.


A note of sand,

A harmonic breeze.

Hand in hand,

Dancing trees.


Higher elevation,

Can’t you see?

Love is liberation,

Love is the key.


With loving energy,




Dark cloud

Old friend of mine

To you I vowed,

No sun, no shine.


Time flies,

I do not know,

Do you linger

As friend or foe?


Once a string,

Today a chain.

The past does cling,

Only in my brain.


A hint of light,

Fragments the darkness.

My spirit takes flight,

I deserve no sadness.


Alive, not numb,

You cannot cast.

You’re time has come

To leave the past.


Dark cloud,

Old friend of mine,

You’re not allowed,

To steal my shine.


With loving energy,






Tossing and turning,

Familiar bed, familiar place.

My thoughts start twirling,

It’s a never-ending chase.


Awkward and misplaced,

In tangible space,

Restart, self-braced

For it’s truly a human race.


Lightening struck,

Would it be so wrong?

Feeling so stuck,

To run to where I belong?


Legs giving,  knees aching,

Is it a person or a place?

Heart crying, heart breaking,

Dying to touch base.


Separated by duality,

A voice whispers in the dark.

Turn inward your externality,

And Internally embark.


Suddenly unveiled,

Bare skin exposed.

First breath inhaled,

The truth unfolds.


Deep breathing, deep diving,

Within me I roam.

My spirit arriving,

I’ve finally found home.


With loving energy,